Yeonji Han & Sylvain Monchocé

  • Yeosyl performance
  • Yeosyl performance
  • Yeosyl performance

Yeosyl is a duo in collaboration with the dance maker Yeonji Han.

Yeosyl uses free improvisation to grasp the poetry of the moment and translate it into a soundscape in motion with the precision of a choreography. There is no separation between the dance and the music, all is united into one unique silent mind.

The project is called Soom (breath in Korean) and uses breath as a main theme. It focuses on the power of breathing to stay connected to what surrounds us and to open the narrow spaces we live in. By the use of extreme contrast in terms of colors, intensities, dynamics and silences, the time becomes suspended, hence offering a unique neurotic and magnetic moment to reconnect with our own breath and to dream anew.

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