Flute repertoire

Sylvain Monchocé solo

  • Sylvain Monchoce playing the flute daegeum

Flute repertoire

Sylvain Monchocé studied the flute at the Mons conservatory in Belgium in the class of Marc Grauwels, Jean Prévot and Gérard Noack. He followed workshops and masterclasses with Helen Bledsoe, Mike Schmid, Claire Chase and Wil Offermans. He plays the flute, the bass flute, the contrabass flute and the daegeum. He gives private lessons and workshops.

Even if he focuses his work on contemporary music and improvisation, he is also at ease in more traditional repertoire. His repertoire includes pieces by Yun, Hosokawa, Fukushima, Offermans, Takemitsu, Ichiyanagi, Redmond, Lim, Pagh-Paan, Balter, Fujikura, Ferneyhough, Sciarrino, Carter, J.S. Bach, C.P.E. Bach, Blavet, Mozart, Devienne, Reinecke, Schubert, Beethoven, Andersen, Marais, Telemann, Mercadante, Schumann.

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