Bertheau Chmiel Moncho

Romain Bertheau & Jacek Chmiel & Sylvain Monchocé

  • Jacek Chmiel & Sylvain Monchocé playing in a church
  • Romain Bertheau playing the organ
  • Jacek Chmiel playing
  • Sylvain Monchocé playing the saxophone

The Bertheau/Chmiel/Monchocé trio focuses on transient moments where ephemeral events dialog with eternity.

High frequencies fly and interfere with each other, creating complex structures that superimpose on the architecture formed/elaborated by the deep and wide low frequencies.
The three players have unique individual voices that bring different perspectives and depth to the discourse, creating a unique magnetism that attracts the listener into a temporal vortex. Lines and shapes are crossing, merging, dissolving; nothing is lost, everything is transforming, changing, evolving at every second.

Romain Bertheau is a French keyboardist (Pianoforte, Harpsichord and Organ). After studying and teaching baroque music, he left Europe for Asia and recorded tradtional songs for several years. On his return to Europe in 2019, he settled in Berlin, working on organs and on the no input mixer. On his pieces, precisely tuned intervals are played at subtle volumes, generating a multitude of differences and combinations of sounds, phasing, beats and auditory illusions. ThreadedDreamsTM is his alias used for vaporwave music and other side projects.

Jacek Chmiel is a sound artist, field recordist and improviser playing synthesizers, zither, electronics, singing bowls and objects. His deepest interest in sound is to look for new ways to embed all the possibilities of an ever changing electro-acoustic setup in order to reinvent his way of thinking at every second. Being connected to the time, space and layers created by all the sounds he produces, both as a physical fact as well as abstract peculiarities, he delivers a strong, yet delicate and touching, musicality. He graduated in jazz guitar which was followed by living two years in Nepal where he was the head of the guitar department in Kathmandu Jazz Conservatory. Then he moved to Switzerland and graduated with a MA degree in improvisation in Musik Akademie of Basel studying with Andrea Neumann, Alfred Zimmerlin and Fred Frith.

Cover Bertheau/Chmiel/Monchocé